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BDT. 760,000

Airline: Saudia
Duration: 13-14 Days

Luxurious Room in 5star Hilton (Millenium) / zamzam Tower/ similar adjacent AL Haram.

5 Star Millenium Aqeeq / similar Hotel Beside Masjid Al Nabawi.

European Moallem , 5 Star Buffet Food, AC Tent, Air ticket, Private Transport.



BDT. 630,000

Airline: Saudia
Duration: 13 / 18 Days
5star Hilton / Zamzam / Clock Tower adjacent AL Haram ( Zero meter distance).

4 Star Province al-Shams (Ex Hyatt) Hotel / similar Beside Masjid Al Nabawi.
Buffet Breakfast, Lunch+Dinner, Air ticket, AC Tent & Transport, Guide, No Hidden Cost.



BDT. 485,000

Airline: Saudia
Duration: 20days / 25-30 Days
5 Star Makkah Hilton / Zamzam Tower / similar hotel adjacent AL Haram.
5 star Madinah Hayatt / Millenium aqeeq / similar Hotel beside Masjid al Nabawi.
5star Buffet Breakfast, Lunch +Dinner, AC Tent & Transport, Air Ticket, Guide, No Hidden Cost.



BDT. 398,000

Airline: Saudia
Duration: 23days/ 35 Days

3star Hotel accommodation in holy Makkah nearby Al Haram.

Star standard Hotel in Madinah near Masjid al Nabawi.

Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner, AC Tent & Transport, Air Ticket, Guide, No Hidden Cost.



BDT. 515,000

Airline: Saudia
Duration: 12days/ 20days / 32days Days
3 Star Hotel accommodation close to AL Haram in Makkah.

3 Star Hotel accommodation close to Masjid al Nabawi.

Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner, AC Tent & Transport, Air Ticket, Guide, No Hidden Cost.



BDT. 422,000

Airline: Saudia
Duration: 35 days
5 star hotel nearby Al Haram.

Hotel accommodation in Holy Madina within short walking distance.

Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner, AC Tent & Transport , Air Ticket, Guide, No Hidden Cost.


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In the Quran, Allah Almighty said: People are obliged before Allah to perform the Hajj to the House (Kaaba) if they are able to do this path. (“Ali Imran” 3/97). Hajj – translated from the Arabic language means a strong desire. Intention and visit to the one who was dignified. And in our religion, this means intention and visit to the highly esteemed Kaaba, for the purpose of performing ibadah. A person who denies the obligation to perform Hajj is not considered a Muslim. It is impossible to postpone the performance of the hajj to the one who has this opportunity. Because it may happen that he will no longer have such an opportunity. Anyone who dies before he has had the chance to do the Hajj, although he had the opportunity. He/she will face disobedience to Allah on the Day of Judgment.

How to perform the formalities of Hajj

Hajj becomes mandatory under the following conditions:

  • Be an adult.
  • To be a Muslim.
  • To be in sound mind.
  • The path must be safe.
  • Have a physical and physical ability.

Short Hajj guide

There are three types of hajj. They are:

Tamattu Hajj: Wear Ihram separately for hajj and umrah. Its better.

Ifrad Hajj: Only wear Ihram for hajj

Ki’ran Hajj: Perform hajj and umrah in same Ihram

Make sure you are prepared to perform the formalities of Hajj

The Hajj should not be taken lightly or planned at the last moment. In early times, it was common for pilgrims to lose their lives during their journey to Mecca. Despite the modern conveniences that today allow Muslims a quick and safe trip to the holy city, the Hajj must still be undertaken with the importance and devotion of the ancient pilgrims. Study the formalities of Hajj, begin to clear your mind of worldly distractions.

Prepare your trip to Saudi Arabia

The Hajj takes place in the holy city of Mecca and its surroundings, which today are in the territory of Saudi Arabia. As happens when you travel to any other country, you will need your passport, travel documents and tickets. In addition to having everything resolved in advance. Keep in mind that in some countries the passport renewal process may take several days.

Assume the Ihram

The Ihram is the sacred state of purity that all Muslims must assume before performing the rites of Umrah and Hajj. It will also be maintained during the rituals. The Ihram requires certain physical actions and changes in behavior. Don’t be confused: the true state of purity is reached spiritually through the declaration of our intention to follow the Umrah or Hajj with sincerity and through the prayer of the Talbiyah.

Men: Shave, comb, trim and shape your beard, cut your nails and remove unwanted hair from your body.

Women: Like men, you should shave and fix yourself, take a bath, do not throw yourself into a colony, etc. You should also avoid makeup or the use of any cosmetic.

Do the Tawaaf

Tawaaf is the ritual where Muslims surround the Kaaba. To get started, men must be sure that their Ihram attire is properly placed. Everyone should look towards the Kaaba, so that the Black Stone is on the right. Make another Niyyat for Umrah and say, “Oh, Allah, I do the Tawaf of Umrah to please you, make it easy for me and accept it from me.”

  • Next, start moving to the right. Approach the Black Stone (the eastern pillar of the Kaaba) and kiss it if possible. If you cannot get close enough to kiss her, try to touch her. If you are not so close to touching or kissing her, bring your hands to your ears with your palms towards the Black Stone. When trying to touch the Black Stone Do not push or fight.
  • Start circling the Kaaba. Walk counterclockwise. So that, the Kaaba is on your left. Go around the Kaaba seven times and pray while you do it. There are no specific prayers for Tawaaf. You can use one of your daily life or just pray from your heart.
  • When you have completed the seven laps, you will have finished. Men can now cover their right shoulder.

Make the Sa’i.

Sa’i means “to run” or “to make the effort”. In practice, this means walking seven times, back and forth, from the hills of Safa to those of Marwah, which are respectively the South and the North of the Kaaba. Originally, this was done outdoors. However, today all the way is covered by a long gallery.

Cut your hair

After completing the Sa’i, men should cut their hair completely or trim it. However, one should not have fully shaved hair during Umrah if he has in mind to complete the rituals of Hajj in the following days, which also include shaving. Women should not shave their hair. They will have to cut a lock or cut out several centimeters.

Go to Mina

On the first day of Hajj go to Mina, a place near Mecca where they spend the rest of the day. Keep in mind that, in Mina, men and women are located in separate store groups, which are next to each other. While husbands and wives can interact, men cannot enter women’s stores.

Go to Arafat

On the second day of the Hajj, go to the Arafat, a nearby mountain. The hajis must reach the Arafat afternoon, because at that time the ritual called Waqut begins.

Pray in Muzdalifa

After sunset, go to a place called Muzdalifa. It is between Mina and Arafat. Here they offer the Magrib and spend the night sleeping on the ground and in the open air. The next morning, collect pebbles, which you will use later for the Ramy “stoning” ceremony that day.

Perform Qurbani

After the Ramy ceremony, it is necessary to make the sacrifice of an animal (Qurbani) to Allah. It can be done at any time of the 10, 11 or 12 of the month Dhu al-Hijjah.

Cut or shave your hair. Do the Tawaaf and the Sa’i again. Repeat the Ramy on the fourth and fifth day after sunset. In Mina, you will have to participate again in the stoning ritual. Do the farewell Tawaaf.

After completing the all formalities of Hajj, your Hajj has come to an end. To mark the end of the most important religious experience of your life as a Muslim, perform one last Tawaaf and walk seven times around the Kaaba as before. While doing the farewell Tawaaf, reflect on the thoughts and feelings you have experienced in your Hajj. Praise and beg Allah. When you have finished, resolve any pending issues that you have in or around Mecca. Then, you can go back home.


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