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We provide best Hajj & Umrah Packages to clients ,
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Hajj Guide

By The Grace Of Almighty Allah, Our Main Concern Has Always Been To Remain Fair And Honest In All Our Dealings & Delivering.

Umrah Guide

By The Grace Of Almighty Allah, Our Main Concern Has Always Been To Remain Fair And Honest In All Our Dealings & Delivering.

Hajj Guide- Step by step

Authorized Hajj and Umrah services Agency in Bangladesh

Welcome to Hajj Umrah info BD. We provide one-stop Hajj and Umrah services in whole over Bangladesh. We are the registered company in Bangladesh, created directly for the organization of Hajj and Umrah. You can contact us to book Hajj and Umrah for you, your friends and your family.
For 3 years, Hajj Umrah Info BD is the only company recognized for carrying out Hajj and Umrah by the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Bangladesh.
Our aim is to create all the necessary conditions for performing the Hajj as one of the main kinds of worship of Islam. Having many years of experience in organizing small and large Hajj and umrah, we are happy to offer you our services. So that, you can make Hajj or Umrah return home safely and safely.
The resolution of issues related to transport, registration, documents, medical care, and hotels will be taken by our employees. Our qualified male and female leaders, organizers, and doctors make every effort to ensure that the Hajj, leaving their worldly problems to us, can focus on worship.

Why you choose our Hajj and Umrah services

Experienced and qualified leaders
Ours has highly experienced and qualified leaders to perform all steps of Hajj and umrah perfectly. Majority of us don’t know the rules of Hajj and umrah. We recruit qualified leaders for performing every rule perfectly. Our leaders are very friendly and helpful. They will show you all of rules and regulations.
Female guide
Female guide in a team is very helpful for female haji’s. We have well trained and experienced female guides on our team for our mother and sisters. Obviously, our mothers and sisters can join with us.
Fast visa and ticket processing service
We are affiliated with authorized visa and ticket processing agent. They are very good at services. If you are facing problems in the passport, visa and ticket problem, contact us. We also provide cheapest air tickets. Contact us for cost or visit our Hajj and Umrah service pages. It will save your money and time.
Hajj and Umrah packages at Reasonable price
Hajj is one of the important pillars of Islam. We try to give our best to help our clients. We offer good services at reasonable price. Our Umrah packages are created to provide the best service at cheap rate. We give importance to the guest of Allah (Subhanahu Wat ala) satisfaction. Best quality food and accommodation
Bad food, bad health. With bad or sick health, you cannot perform all the rules of Hajj and umrah. So, we have chef and servants to provide hygiene food. We give our clients international 3 starts to 5-star hotels. All hotels are 15-25 minutes far from Kabahsharif and Madinah munawwarah. We provide the cheap rate and best value for your money and choices when booking hotels.
Special medical care
We always care about our client's health who perform Hajj and Umrah with us. Specialized and qualified doctors included in our management team. We provide 24*7 non-stop health service for our haji’s. So, you needn’t tense about your health in hot temperature.

Our Hajj packages

We are proud to offer Hajj and Umrah servicesfor Bangladeshi peoples. We offer:
  1. VIP 5 Star splendid Hajj
  2. VIP 5 Star royal Hajj
  3. VIP 5 Star comfort Hajj
  4. 3 Star smart Hajj
  5. Deluxe VIP Hajj
  6. 5 Star Hajj

Our Umrah packages

  1. VIP 5 StarUmrah
  2. 3 Star smart Umrah
  3. Deluxe VIP Umrah

Things to take note while getting Hajj and Umrah services

Choose authorized Hajj agency
Only authorized and registered agencies can arrange Hajj and umrah programs. There are some sub-agents who plan programs under authorized agency. Sometimes their service becomes bad. So, choose registered Hajj and umrah agency like us.
Choose the qualified leaders
Many Hajj agents recruit experienced and qualified mufti or mowlana in their team. It is very easy to perform Hajj and umrah. You can ask any questions and they can give you correct solutions. If you are performing Hajj and Umrah, it is very important to know who is the leader or mufti.
Consult about the travel plan
Everyone should confirm their flight quality, transport system, and problems. A bad quality journey makes your mind and health sick. A fresh mind and good health are very important to perform Hajj and umrah. Consult with your Hajj agency about full travel plan.
About the Saudi sim card
Some agents provide Saudi sim cards to their client. It could be a time saver. Ask your agency about SIM card. Because you have to spend a long time to get a sim card in Saudi Arabia.
For Muslim who has enough money to perform Hajj, it’s compulsory for him/her once in a lifetime. Umrah is Nafal. You should follow all instructions and guide which provide by the agency. We offer cheap and quality Hajj and Umrah services in Bangladesh. To get best Hajj and Umrah facilities in Bangladesh, Contact with us.